Friday 4th October is Harvest Fast Day


This Harvest Fast Day, CAFOD asks you to make a place at your table for families around the world who don’t have enough to eat.

A letter from His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, CAFOD’s patron, HFD13 SV Cardinal endorsement v1

When Denise visited Sierra Leone in February, she visited the community of Gbaneh Fullah in Kamakwei district. They are part of a programme providing agricultural training, seeds and plants.



The community elder, Pa-Saidu Bangura said:

“Thank God and CAFOD and Caritas. We have avoided disaster … We used to have one meal a day and can now eat twice a day and have enough to sell”

With your help this Harvest Fast Day, more people will be able to grow healthy, nutritious food; have money to buy good food; and be able to sell their surplus to save for the future.

Hungry for Change?

Each evening, one in eight of us will go to bed hungry – imagine every single person in Europe, America, Australia and Canada going to bed hungry tonight. That’s the reality for people all over the world, the vast majority in Africa, Asia and Latin America, where CAFOD’s work is based.

Yet the world produces enough food to feed everyone – it is the food system that is failing the poorest people: the balance of power is tipped towards global companies – rather than families trying to put food on the table

Please email Prime Minister David Cameron now, calling for power to be shared between rich and poor so that everyone has enough to eat.

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