Philippines – 10 days on

Photo: Caritas

Photo: Caritas

There has been a wonderful response from schools and parishes in the Brentwood Diocese to the terrible aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, with over £50,000 donated to date.

Working through local Caritas church partners we are meeting the immediate needs for food, clean water, shelter, medical supplies and sanitation.

Local priest, Fr Alex Opiniano, from the parish of Santino in Tacloban says:

“… the Church is a beacon amongst the broken ruins of our homes. People see priests and the Caritas volunteers distributing food and water. We learn every day from visitors about the generosity, prayers and concern coming from the rest of the world, especially from Catholics across the UK. You are all far away yet you are close to us, giving us courage, inspiration and hope.”

Mulvarosa Pibilra Perote is one of more than 500 survivors of Typhoon Haiyan who are taking shelter in a seminary in Tacloban city. The building has been turned into an evacuation centre, where CAFOD and its partners are delivering aid. Read her story here.

Please donate and help us reach more people affected by Typhoon Haiyan

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