5th December is International Volunteer Day


December 5th is International Volunteer Day.

The CAFOD Brentwood office is fortunate to have nearly 100 volunteers who help us along the way – some in their own parish, others who join us in the office and of course the volunteers who visit so many schools around the Diocese.

We deeply appreciate their hard work and their willingness to spread the CAFOD message and we rely on their unfailing help.

Some volunteers like the opportunity to use their skills to benefit others, for some it’s a way of living out their Christian values.

With around 90+ schools, over 90% have received a visit during the past two years and without our team of volunteers we could never get around to them all. Whether it’s an assembly at Harvest or Lent, or a campaigns day for a secondary school, our wonderful team are there!

Similarly, parishes can be offered a speaker for Lent or Harvest as we know we have a team of speakers who will visit – raising their voices on behalf of people living in poverty.

The newsletter, database and donations, preparing resources for fetes and school visits, all would not happen so efficiently without our office volunteers.

So, CAFOD volunteers, we salute you on your special day! (We salute you all the time really!)

A huge “Thank You” to all our volunteers from Joanna, Denise and Mary, the organisation and from all those who you help.

We just couldn’t do CAFOD without you.

To find out more about volunteering with CAFOD, please call the office on 0208 502 9722 or email brentwood@cafod.org.uk

There is a day for new volunteers taking place on Saturday 1st February at our office in Waterloo. Again, if you would like more information please call or email brentwood@cafod.org.uk

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