All Saints, Dagenham 6th form session

This year’s visit to All Saints, Dagenham looked at the emergency in the Philippines, with students thinking about how CAFOD responds to an emergency, the immediate needs of those affected and then our long term response. Some good work came out of this and also some interesting questions – for example,

If someone goes out to an emergency situation, where do they stay? This is a tweet from a CRS (Catholic Relief Service) worker on the ground – “Traveling this weekend w/ camera & tent to Palo, 10 miles south of Tacloban. @CatholicRelief will help #Haiyan survivors there”

If we’re working in a Muslim area, do we ensure the food is Halal? As a faith based organisation we would endeavour to be as culturally aware as circumstances allow.

After the break, we introduced the Hungry for Change campaign and also the death of Nelson Mandela, particularly his Great Generation speech during the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005. We then challenged them to show how they are, or could be, that Great Generation. This they did through drama and poetry.

Nelson Mandela

He changed the world for the better
He will live on forever
Anti-apartheid was his affiliation
He fought for the rainbow nation
and inspired a generation.

He was in prison for many years
For standing up for his peers
Although he may be gone
His work can’t be undone
He will live forever
Nelson Mandela
(Rhianna Byrne)

A Changed Generation

Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction
Poverty is like a punishment for a crime you didn’t commit
Poverty is not an accident.
Poverty is man-made and can be removed by actions of human beings.

Positivity is the key.

Let your eye be chaste
your hand faithful
your tongue truthful
and your heart enlightened.

I am committed to being a better person
than I was yesterday
Better thoughts ….
Better decisions …
Better actions …

Are you hungry for change?

Man Like Dela

He was in a cellar
27 years and he’s still the same fella

It was all black and white
Things weren’t right
and all he wanted was for everyone to be tight.

From a divided nation
Created a rainbow nation.
Never did he take a day off for vacation.
2013 we lost our G
New one is pending ASAP

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To watch the videos of the presentations from 5th December, click here

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