St Thomas of Canterbury, Woodford Green, Go Bananas!

ppc go bananas 2 compressed

Parish volunteer, David Underwood, writes:

“At their meeting on Monday, 3rd March, parish council members at St Thomas of Canterbury, Woodford Green including Frs Austin and Brian and Deacon Matthew show their support for the fairtrading of bananas.”

“The PPC has also arranged a donation of bananas from Sainsbury’s which I understand is to be distributed to parishioners on Sunday (can’t think how many bananas that will be but I will aim to get photographic evidence!)”.

More about Fairtrade bananas:


Foncho is a banana farmer from Cienaga, Colombia. He’s part of a Fairtrade certified co-operative called Coobafrio.

In many ways he’s just like you. He works hard, he loves spending time with his family and has a passion for football.

Before Foncho’s co-operative was certified as Fairtrade, Foncho often struggled to make ends meet – it was a hard life.

Now Foncho receives a fair price for his bananas, which means he can afford to care for his loved ones and send his daughter to college.

Foncho wants to help all banana farmers and workers like him to get a fair deal for their produce.

Take action here >>

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