Grays Convent School Dig Deep this Lent


We enjoyed a great morning with Yr 9 at Grays Convent yesterday. The session was full of activities to get them thinking about the Lent Fast Day focus country of Sierra Leone.

After hearing from Denise about her visit to Sierra Leone in 2013, volunteers Joan and Linda spoke about Lent Fast day, contrasting the life of Mohammed to that of the students. They were asked to think about these contrasts and to visually represent them.

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After the break, students were invited to write poems about the work of CAFOD and there was some amazing creativity and some groups wrote songs/raps which they eagerly performed:

Say C A F O D
Moray, Destiny, Rameen, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Jessica, Patricia

We can change the earth
Samantha, Toni, Britany, Phoebe, Anna Rose, Maisie, Katie, Hannah, Deniz

Dig Deep within your heart
Demi, Ellie, Saffron, Chloe, Cendresa, Tatum, Ciara, Tomi

Dig Deep for the peace
Bukola, Sophie, Kelsey, Tamara, Tife, Tope, Jemimah

Here are just a couple of the poems that were written:

Dig Deep, don’t be shy
Show yourself, always try
Do a good deed
To help someone in need
food is short and the day is long
that is why we’re rapping this song

Diamonds are shiny
But are also tiny
Very rare to find
Water in streams
Is not so clean
Don’t be shy, make a move
to help food security improve
Daria, Niamh, Katie, Lauren, Victoria, Fledeca, Mayo Kemi, Monika

Every time I wake
I see darkness: I feel darkness: I am darkness
When you are sleeping
I am working, finding a way to survive
In this world many people are deprived
and I am surely one of them
I work to the bone, but get little pay
This is my life, I do this every day
So much conflict … and I have little say
But what can I do, except
hope, wish and pray

Deborah, Ephelia, Tobi, Natasha, Natalia, Rachel, Erin and Catherine

Volunteer Joan said, “The pupil’s responses in the Contrasts exercise and their raps or poems showed that they had gained a real appreciation of the lifestyle of children in Sierra Leone and that there was need for action and change.”

Well done to everyone involved.

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