Typhoon Haiyan 1 year on

Typhoon Haiyan - Romila1

Romila, 37, was eight months pregnant when the typhoon hit. When her house began to collapse, she and her husband raced through the storm to take shelter in the local church. All they had left was the towel she was holding, some wet clothes and one pot. Her husband’s fishing boat and equipment were all destroyed. Thanks to your donations to CAFOD Romila, her husband Ronald and their baby Mary-Kate have moved into a new home and Ronald is earning money as a carpenter helping others build their homes.

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in the early hours of 8th November with winds of up to 170mph, affecting 14 million people. 6,000 people lost their lives, five million people lost their homes and 33 million coconut trees were destroyed – the main source of income for many.

CAFOD’s Philippines Typhoon Appeal raised £5.4 million in total, and by working alongside local partners the Catholic charity has reached more than 135,000 people so far.

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