Mass of Remembrance – a precious time to remember our loved ones

Some 50 people joined our Mass of Remembrance at The Most Holy Redeemer parish in Billericay on Tuesday. This was the first such event we had held in the Diocese.

Fr John McGrath celebrated Mass in memory of family, friends and supporters who have passed before us.


A Book of Remembrance was presented with the Gifts, and a candle lit as we remembered their love, compassion and dedication.

In his Homily, Fr John mentioned West Africa and Burkina Faso and a saying they had, “we may have little but there’s always enough to share”.

Denise also spoke about her visit to Sierra Leone and asked those gathered to hold in their prayers the people affected by Ebola particularly in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

After Mass, we met for refreshments and had an opportunity to chat with supporters. Thank you to Anne and Joan for organising the refreshments.

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If you would like to give in memory of a loved one, you can find out more about remembrance giving with CAFOD, or email for more information.

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