EVENT: Wednesday 17 June Speak Up for the Love Of


Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or simply passionate about your faith and our world, join us and The Climate Coalition at Speak Up For The Love Of… in London on Wednesday 17 June (12-5pm) and tell your MP about the things you love that you could lose to climate change.

As well as speaking to your MP, there will be:

•An ecumenical service where we can join in worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ

•An interfaith moment to reflect our universal mandate to care for creation

•Craft activities for all ages

•A rally to celebrate, with music and talks from A-list celebrities

Register to attend here, where you can also download a Speak Up For The Love Of poster, flier and short talk to be delivered at Mass, and please spread the word! Or you can order free hard copies by going to our shop.

One month on from the general election, 17 June will be your big opportunity to tell politicians about the issues you care most about and want to see action on in 2015 and beyond.

Clean water

Clean water



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