Hanningfield Family Walk

We arrived at Hanningfield Reservoir in fog, but by the time people started arriving the sun had broken through.

Over 30 supporters joined us for a lovely walk through the nature reserve, with children collecting clues along the way.

Having seen most of the seasons in one morning, it was pointed out that whilst we appreciated the sun shining and rain might have put a dampener on the walk, for many people across the world the changing climate affects their livelihoods, food and water supplies.

The One Climate One World costume was a hit with the children – who appeared to know quite a lot about the changing climate.

Once we arrived at the pic-nic area, the games began. The “world parachute” proved a great success and another opportunity to talk about the changing climate and areas in the world CAFOD works in.

The children gave in their completed quiz sheets, with the clues spelling Just One World and each received a certificate and chocolate (well, it is the Easter holidays).

Thank you to everyone who came along and to Gayle at Essex Wildlife Trust Hanningfield Reservoir for once again making us so welcome. Thanks also to Tom for taking the photos.

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