Hanging around the Harlow Abseil

abseil 9 (800x600)

10 young people joined Team CAFOD for the annual Harlow Abseil.

Two sisters, Ellie and Lizzy Toomey from Basildon had waited a couple of years to be old enough to take part and weren’t disappointed.

Eight students who make up the Chaplaincy Team at Sacred Heart school in Upminster came dressed in onesies – which made a great sight as they each climbed over the water tower to abseil back to the ground!

Dana, dressed as Toy Story’s Woody, said “it was a breeze!” Dana was joined by Holly (Buzz Lightyear), Jess (Batman), Rachel (Ninja warrior), Shannon (Ninja Turtle), Jennifer (zebra) and Elicia (teddy bear). Georgia (Monsters Inc Sulley) had said she was scared of heights and really pushed herself to take part in the abseil. As she greeted her friends she said “don’t ever ask me to do that again” but was soon laughing.

It was a great afternoon – fun was had, fears overcome and funds raised for CAFOD.

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