What’s it worth, planet earth, what are you prepared to do?

This is the question posed by pupils from St Peter’s Primary school in Billericay during a recent assembly on recycling and the climate.

Breda climate change video_mov

Teacher Angela Moreton writes: “In January, one of our Y5 classes made CAFOD the theme of their Class Assembly. The children found out about how climate change had affected other parts of the world, and also investigated how interest on debts can grow to be unmanageable for less developed parts of the world, showing this through drama.

They showed examples of how CAFOD is working around the world to help communities to become independent, and also explained to the rest of the school and visiting parents, what a World Gift is. The assembly finished with a song about Climate Change.”

Volunteer Breda Bower was so impressed she recorded the song.

Listen to their song

In Laudato Si’ Pope Francis calls on all of us to care for the world’s poorest people, for future generations and for the earth, our common home.

Inspired by his words, we join with Catholics worldwide, as part of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, and call on our Prime Minister and on other world leaders to take urgent action to prevent climate change pushing people deeper into poverty.

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