Catholic graduate swaps phones for boxing gloves for CAFOD



Last week, 25-year-old Datchet supporter Joe Howell, who works for 02 decided to swap phones for boxing gloves to raise money for CAFOD and a local homeless charity DePaul UK.

Joe took part in ‘Ulta White Collar Boxing’, an amateur boxing event to raise over £700 for two different causes close to Joe’s heart.

Joe said: “CAFOD have always been special in my life and are a truly excellent charity, whose networks of partners are always there to provide disaster relief all over the world. They provide vital aid in conflict zones such as Syria as well as campaigning in the UK on key issues such as climate change.

“I had such a comfortable start in life, I cannot fathom how hard it must be to have no place to call home.” In light of International Migrants Day on December 18, more than £500 raised for CAFOD will be donated to CAFOD’s Syria

In light of International Migrants Day on December 18, more than £500 raised for CAFOD will be donated to CAFOD’s Syria Crisis Appeal, which works with local church partners to deliver food, shelter and safety to thousands across Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, who have been displaced during the Syria conflict.




Joe describes how anxious he was before the event, jokily adding:  “A handsome face like mine was not made for getting hit.”

Having never fought or trained or even condoned fighting, Joe cut out alcohol, changed his diet and started training five times a week. “I am the last person, who would ever get involved with any kind of fighting, because of this I knew boxing would shock people and hopefully encourage more donations. Nor am I very good at it, and that was reason enough for many of my friends to dig deep and support me. It was a real challenge, both fun and terrifying.”

Joe finished the fight with a sore arm and jaw, but he said it was worth every ache:

“I am ecstatically pleased with the donors who have helped me support CAFOD and DePaul UK.”

Joe started off strong in the first round but said:

“In the second round, I did a good impression of Mr. Tickle with some dodgy flailing arms, and a fair bit of clinching. I took a big hit on the jaw but managed to avoid major combos. I improved in the last round, though. It was definitely a close fight, and I’m happy with the result. I may not fight for the Heavyweight Belt as soon as I thought, but I had a great time.”


To donate to either of Joe’s causes visit Joe’s Charity Boxing match

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