Balloon race helps Newham school raise over £3,000 for clean water projects

Thank you so much, St Winefride’s Catholic Primary school and St Stephen’s Church, in Newham, who have been busy fundraising for our Lent appeal. Their latest fundraiser included a balloon race, with over 300 balloons. 

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St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School and St Stephen’s Church, worked together to raise thousands of pounds to help our global neighbours who don’t have access to clean water.

Each class took part in a fantastic range of  sponsored events from a pyjama party, spelling quiz, to non-uniform days and ‘The Great CAFOD Balloon Race’.

Around 300 people purchased a balloon and attached their own handwritten message before letting them go. The idea came from a science project back in 2011, where a balloon ended up in the South of France, and the family posted the note and a letter back four years later!

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St Winefride's Great CAFOD Balloon race

Staff and Pupils at St Winefride’s Primary school gather to release hundreds of balloons for CAFOD.

Mr Paul Underwood, headteacher at St Winefride’s said:

“Each class dedicated a day to CAFOD with a sponsored event of their choice.

“We have already had over fifty replies from people in East and West Sussex who have found and returned the balloon tags. We are hoping that some of the balloons will make it across to France or possibly even further.

“It is so important to us that the students have an understanding of issues internationally. It really is great seeing all the students come together to learn and support people who don’t have access to clean water all over the world.”

Schools and Parishioners across the area have already helped raise more than £3.5 million, which will be doubled by the UK Government’s Department for International Development, but it is not too late to donate to our Lent appeal.


St Winefride's 'Great CAFOD balloon race'

Pupils at St Winefride’s Primary, release hundreds of balloons in solidarity for people who do not have access to clean water.

Right now, 650 million people are living without access to clean water. 2.5 billion People lack something as basic as a toilet and sewage system to flush away their waste. It is also estimated that women and girls spend 125 million hours a day collecting water, which means time away from work, school or playing with friends.

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The money raised by the school will give children, particularly girls, around the world a better chance of being able to go to school – girls such as 15-year-old Guti from Uganda.

We would like to say on behalf of everyone at CAFOD, thanks to the pupils at St Winefride’s for their incredible generosity.”

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