Mercy Retreat

As this Year of Mercy draws to a close, we invite you to explore how each of us can continue to live out Pope Francis’ call to be “witnesses of mercy” in our families, our parishes, and in communities throughout the world.

Join us on Saturday 19 November, 10am-4pm (entertainment will follow until 5pm)

Venue: Clare Priory, Ashen Road, Clare, Suffolk, CO10 8NX

pope-francisThis retreat is an opportunity to be refreshed and sustained. It will allow you to take time out from everyday life to reflect on your own faith journey, in the company of other people from parishes across East Anglia and Brentwood who share a passion for the creation of one just and peaceful world, for all our sisters and brothers.

During the day, we will explore the Scriptures and Church teaching together. We will also take time to learn from each other’s experiences and to be inspired and enriched by stories from CAFOD’s campaigning and work overseas.

> Register to attend this special retreat on mercy on 19 November at Clare Priory.

These retreats are free of charge. All are welcome, whether or not you are already involved with CAFOD’s campaigns.

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