‘Theology of Food’ on the menu for Chelmsford Students

Chelmsford pupils have pledged to make a difference to food poverty and waste.

On Wednesday 9 November, Year 12 students at New Hall School, Chelmsford, took part in a day of workshops to learn about the issues surrounding food shortage and poverty in the world today.

The day started with ice-breaker activities to help the students understand the theme of the day: Theology of Food. Students then took part in a variety of thought-provoking workshops led by charities, including CAFOD and members from the school’s Theology team.

Lay Chaplain Katherine O’Brien, who is also a parish volunteer with CAFOD, said:

“Workshops included a debate about genetically modified foods, food waste and humanitarian aid and a Catholic social teaching session, in which students took part in what proved to be an enormously difficult task, of being pope for the year.

“The pupils were also given a presentation on poverty and inequality whilst being challenged to consider the practicalities of food waste within their own school community. The day concluded with a Year Group Mass in the school chapel.”


Linda and Chris invite New Hall pupils to reflect on food, poverty and CAFOD’s work

Local representatives from CAFOD, Chris Driscoll and Lynda Orr, delivered a special presentation about food shortages around the world and the actions the charity is taking alongside communities around the world to increase food yield. Chris said:

“We gave a one hour workshop, constructed around food and CAFOD’s work helping livelihoods. We started with a food quiz, and gave examples from Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Bolivia, where CAFOD’s partner organisations have worked alongside communities to help them to grow more food.

“Our recent Harvest Appeal focused on communities in the South American country of Bolivia and showed how the provision of greenhouses to protect crops and empowering communities with new farming techniques, helps them grow enough crops to feed their families.”

“I feel that days like this are very inspirational and give a different perspective of action inspired by faith and highlight the values held by the school of serving to help others.”

The pupils have now pledged to be more mindful of wasting food and are hoping to continue their support of CAFOD and continue to fundraise for the communities who are being helped by CAFOD’s partners.


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