Putting the pieces together: Understanding CAFOD 28/1/17:


Understanding CAFOD can be a slightly puzzling experience. There are several layers to our work, and we have a range of departments and teams working on a whole host of projects and functions. Even people who know quite a lot about us are often surprised about what we do, where we do it and how we are doing it. For example, although our work in helping to support those who are affected by famine and disaster might be more widely known, our projects to promote peace, reconciliation and human rights might be less so.

And many people are unaware of our humble beginnings back in the early 1960s and of just how much the values that inspired us then are right at the core of what we are doing now.

What makes us distinctive? How do we communicate our  work, our values and our ethos?

Put the pieces together

If you are a new or current volunteer, or someone who is just interested in our work, , then join us for a highly interesting and stimulating day at St Francis of Assisi parish hall in Stratford on Saturday 28 January from 10.30am until 4pm. Book your place by calling 01277 218730 or email brentwood@cafod.org.uk

We hope that you’ll find that there’s much more to us than you first thought!



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