Pupils turn little fish into big soup for CAFOD

Pupils from primary and secondary schools in the Brentwood Diocese will be demonstrating their solidarity throughout Lent with those in living in poverty across the world.

CAFOD’s Lent appeal, ‘turning little fish into big fish’, has captured the imagination of pupils in schools across Brentwood in a range of ways. Several schools have held soup lunches and fundraising events on behalf of CAFOD and found creative and fun ways to bring Florence’s story to life.

St Joseph's Dovercourt

St Joseph’s plan to decorate the scales of this beautiful fish



Pupils and at St Joseph’s in Harwich have a fishy friend in the school hall which they will be encouraged to feed over Lent. They aim to decorate the fish’s scales with stickers for a £1 donation in support of CAFOD.



Schools volunteer Breda meets pupils from St Mary’s in Tilbury after a Lent assembly


On Monday pupils at St Peter’s in Romford were invited to dress in blue, green, glittery
and shimmery clothes to symbolise a ‘water/fishy theme’ and donate £1 per child to CAFOD. They hoped to create a marvellous ‘sea’ of children in an ambition to raise vital funds for those in need.

Secondary schools have also been busy fasting and raising money for CAFOD over Lent. Pupils from All Saints school council (Dagenham) sold cakes and other goodies prior to Lent Fast Day. On fast day itself, St Benedict’s (Colchester), New Hall (Chelmsford) and Holy Family (Walthamstow) held soup lunches in actions of solidarity and sacrifice with those in poverty around the world. Students at the Holy Family were delighted to hear that the soup was prepared and served by students of Food Technology, and very nice it looked too.

Holy Family LFD17 (1)

The fast day soup lunch at Holy Family in Walthamstow was prepared by Food Technology students

All Saints LFD17

All Saints students show off their wall of little fish


Hungry St Benedict’s pupils form an orderly queue

All Saints LFD17 (2)

Selling with a smile: All Saints students sell cakes and other goodies

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