St Peter’s school creates a shimmering sea of blues and greens

St. Peter’s Primary School, Romford, has raised over £400 for CAFOD’s Lent fundraising campaign by encouraging pupils to dress up in sea themed colours and holding a coffee morning.

Inspired by the story of Florence, a Zambian widow who CAFOD supported by training her in fish farming, the whole school took part in the aquatic themed day.  Each child paid £1 and wore colours of the sea, whilst adults raised money through attending a spring coffee morning.

St Peter's Romford

St Peter’s pupils glistening in their blues and greens

Headteacher at St. Peter’s, Mrs Jenny Waterfield, said:

“The whole school looked like a ‘sea’ of fish, glistening and shimmering in their blues and greens.  I was very proud that the children recognised that giving money to CAFOD was part of our observance of almsgiving during this season of Lent.”

This Lent, CAFOD is working with communities in Zambia in Southern Africa. It is estimated that over half of Zambians live below the poverty line. This means that many families do not have enough money to meet basic needs such as food, housing and clothing.

CAFOD’s partners in Zambia provide training in fish farming, beekeeping and crop farming as well as helping individuals within communities develop business skills so those most in need understand how to get a better price for their goods, market them and even set up business partnerships.

By training individuals in the community, they will be able to share their new knowledge and empower the whole community. The money raised by St. Peter’s Primary School will mean that CAFOD’s partners will be able to continue to support projects around the world.

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