“Swimmingly well” the verdict after Brentwood school’s fishy fundraiser

St. Helen’s primary school in Brentwood has created a wonderful sea display to help turn little fish into Big Fish, as part of CAFOD’s annual Lent fundraising campaign.

Each student drew the outline of a large fish and covered it in coins to create the glistening effect of wet scales.  The fishy fundraiser raised over £300 and their efforts will help provide communities across the world with the means to feed their families, by helping families to receive training to set up their own small businesses, like fish farms. This will enable them to turn one fish into a whole business and provide them with an income to support their families.

St Helen's, Brentwood 2

Casting their nets

Miss McLoughlin, the R.E. co-ordinator, said:

“All of us wanted to ‘cast our nets’ and spread our generosity to help others.  We decided to ‘fish for change’ which we believe went ‘swimmingly well!’”

St Helen's, Brentwood

A school of fish at St Helen’s

Freddie, a pupil at St. Helen’s, said:

“I think this fundraising has been good because CAFOD are being helpful by teaching people how to fish and farm fish. It has been nice to look at a silvery fish on our wall and be reminded of people who are less fortunate than us”.


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