New Hall celebrates 15 years of soup lunches for CAFOD

New Hall school in Boreham has held a school wide Soup Lunch to help turn little fish into Big Fish, as part of CAFOD’s annual Lent fundraising campaign.

Instead of eating as normal, on Friday 3rd March the whole school had a simpler lunch.  Baguettes and a variety of soups – from leek and potato to tomato – were served as the only option.  As a result, 800 students enjoyed the soup alongside 400 staff.  New Hall has been doing soup lunches for the last 15 years at least, making the annual event a firm part of school tradition.

New Hall Students supporting CAFOD

New Hall  students celebrate their Lent fundraising achievement in the school chapel

The school’s fundraiser raised over £500 and their efforts will help provide communities across the world with the means to feed their families, by helping families to receive training to set up their own small businesses, like fish farms. This will enable them to turn one fish into a whole business and provide them with an income to support their families.

Katherine O’Brien, New Hall’s lay chaplain, said of the fundraiser:

“We do this as a way of standing in solidarity with those around the world who are in need.  The students have a high awareness of global issues but something like a soup lunch is a good way of making us all stop and think.  It’s a simple act but it can really make a difference, and it’s a great way of putting Lent into action.”

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