Gloria in the highest!

Gloria Turner joined our team of office volunteers in September 2017 after over 30 years as a science teacher, and says ‘I had been looking for voluntary work for a while when I saw the CAFOD advert in my parish newsletter.  It seemed like a good opportunity to find out more about CAFOD and make a contribution to an agency  based on my Catholic faith.  I applied for office work as I had always enjoyed doing admin tasks in my teaching career’.

A fine voice and great hand eye coordination

In her spare time Gloria a is committed choir member as well as a tennis coach, and had the distinction at one time of being nominated in the top 6 ‘best teachers’ across the country. She was pleased to be able to bring her knowledge, skills and experience to bear on the varied role of office volunteer ‘My teaching experience has helped me to be organised, flexible, willing to learn and persevere with unfamiliar tasks and be able to communicate in a variety of ways. I have needed to use basic IT skills including data handling to be able to learn a variety of new techniques since being with CAFOD’.

Gloria, Daphne, Pat

Gloria (left) with fellow office volunteers Daphne (centre) and Pat (right) show their support for the eviction-threatened Maua community in Brazil during our campaign last year

Just after Christmas, Gloria turned up to the office with her arm in a sling. She had broken her wrist during a tennis match the same week. Despite my protestations that she should be resting, Gloria insisted that she was fine and managed to teach herself to do tasks one-handed. It was a true indication of her determination, perseverance and patient nature.

Since joining CAFOD as an office volunteer, Gloria’s versatility has led to her working on a range of tasks including  using social media including scheduling tweets and writing blogs, using Google maps to display a variety of information about schools and parishes,  contacting parish volunteers by phone and email at Lent and Harvest and preparing a report for the Bishop using sources from different locations.

Gloria is full of admiration for the work undertaken by our other volunteers: ‘As an office volunteer I have an overview of the inspiring work carried out by schools volunteers and the great fundraising work that parish volunteers do. I would encourage volunteering for CAFOD as it  is such a rewarding experience to be part of an organisation that makes such a big difference to the lives of people in many parts of the world’.

Gloria, we are full of admiration for you, and are so grateful for the contribution you have made to our work over the past year. Thank you!



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