Remembering our beloved who have loved and served others

During November, the month of remembrance, we take time to pray for those who have died and give thanks for loved ones who have made a deep and lasting impression on our lives.

Over the years, CAFOD has been blessed to work alongside the kindest and most committed friends any charity could hope for. The insight, faith and strength of our founders and early supporters still shape our values and way of working today.

But one of the saddest aspects of growing older, as individuals and as an organisation, is that some of our closest friends have passed away in recent months and years. In our own diocese, we have lost a number of friends who have played an inspirational and important role in our work.

Friends like Chris Fitzgerald, who attended Our Lady & St George parish in Walthamstow and a former Provincial for the Knights of St Columba. In recent years Chris, on behalf of the KSC Council 137, organised a Grand Draw and helped sell raffle tickets at several local parishes where an amazing £1400 was raised for CAFOD’s water projects. Sadly, Chris passed away in July this year but his love and commitment to others lives on. At his funeral a collection was made and the proceeds donated to CAFOD in memory of Chris’s life.  Chris is greatly missed but he has truly left a legacy of love and hope and we’re honoured to remember him this November.

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So in celebration of our inspiring friends, and as a small token of our appreciation for their years of kindness and dedication, CAFOD Brentwood is holding its a Memorial Mass at St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church, 5 Park End Road, Romford, RM1 4AT on Wednesday 14 November at 12.15pm. 

All are welcome to join us, whether to remember fellow CAFOD supporters or members of your own family, friends and community who’ve passed away. At our Memorial Mass, you can take precious time to remember your loved ones, knowing that you’re among friends.

A Book of Remembrance will be presented and blessed by the celebrant at each Mass. If you would like to add a name to this list you would be very welcome; whether or not you can attend the service itself. Please get in touch with our volunteer centre at or by calling 01277 218730 if you’d like to know more.

Refreshments will be provided by the parish group the Golden Club after the service, so we hope you’ll be able to stay for a little while to speak with other local CAFOD supporters and staff. It would be wonderful to see you at such a special event.


Souper response to Harvest Fast Day by Cathedral parishioners

A delicious Harvest Fast Day soup lunch took place this afternoon at the Cathedral on on a beautiful early Autumn day. Over 35 parishioners were treated to three varieties of soup including parsnip, coriander and carrot, broccoli and pea and Autumn vegetable.

Cathedral HFD18

Cathedral parish volunteers Louise, Maria, Margaret and Maidie served the soup and hosted parishioners in the parish hall

It was a fantastic response to an invitation to break the fast on Family Fast Day and parishioners had the opportunity to learn a little more about CAFOD’s work as well as the current Harvest Fast Day appeal.

Margaret, one of CAFOD’s parish volunteers at the Cathedral, said ‘I’m delighted that lots of parishioners have joined our fast day lunch today. Soup lunches are a great way of bringing people in the parish together, in support of those who are less fortunate than ourselves’.

Cathedral HFD18 (3)

Brentwood Cathedral parishioners enjoy their soup lunch in the parish hall

Chris Driscoll, CAFOD’s staff representative in Brentwood, said ‘It was pleasing to speak to so many people who told us that they really value what CAFOD does, and who want to support our work in a number of ways. The role that soup lunches have in helping to build a sense of community and participation in parish life cannot be underestimated. To see people enjoy sharing a simple lunch together is a significant gesture of solidarity with the poor and vulnerable across the world”.

Harvest Family Fast Day 2018 – Water brings strength and hope in Uganda

This Harvest Family Fast Day, Rosie Heaton, CAFOD’s Regional News Office offers an example of how supporters donations bring hope to some of the poorest communities in the world.

Family Fast Day Logo Lent 2018

For twenty-eight years, Longora has lived in the same rural community close to Moroto Town in Uganda.  Every morning, she fetches water from the borehole to make porridge for herself and her family.  Longora cuts charcoal to sell to make her living, and lives in a round, straw hut with seven others, including her husband and their children.



Before the borehole was built in her village, Longora would collect water from the river. While the river was near, it was unclean and carried diseases.  Many people in Longora’s home suffered with frequent sickness because of drinking the contaminated river water.

For a while after the borehole was installed, the village were able to access to clean water easily.  But when the borehole became faulty, this stopped.  Longora was pregnant and had no choice but to drink and cook with water from the river once again. Unsurprisingly she fell ill with eyesight problems and dietary issues.

Fast day6 Oct 2018

It took a long time for Longora to recover and sometimes her joints still ache, but with the help of CAFOD partner Caritas Moroto she is now able to access clean water throughout the year.  Caritas Moroto fixed the borehole and offered training to ensure that if it ever breaks again, the local community are now equipped with the skills needed to repair it.

The help provided by Caritas Moroto’s project, funded by CAFOD supporters in England and Wales, is making a huge difference to the lives of Longora and her family: “We are healthier and feel better. We can bathe, and because we have pit latrines, we no longer defecate in the river. The knowledge we have of making pit latrines was given to us by Caritas Moroto. We have embraced it and put it into practice.”

This Harvest, you can help by praying for Longora and our sisters and brothers across the world.  By donating to CAFOD’s Harvest appeal, you can empower communities overseas to live with dignity and equip families with the skills they need to support each other.

To find out how you can support women like Longora this Harvest, please visit: