Are you interested in communicating the good work of CAFOD?

We would love to have a communications volunteer who could help us with:

  • Social media, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Putting together press releases for local papers
  • This blog!

If you enjoying writing, tweeting and blogging or would like experience in communications or PR, then contact Chris at  or call 01277 218730


We can offer training in social media strategy, and how to write engaging and eye catching press releases,  so you can gain crucial experience, skills and points on your CV. You may be able to visit our office in Brentwood or you could possibly work from a distance in the comfort of your own home. Expenses are covered.

For me, utilising social media is crucial in order to reach a wider audience and get the message out to them about CAFOD’s great work especially at a local level. It is something I can easily incorporate into my hectic life at University and feel I am still making a difference.” Jack, communications volunteer in Northampton

All experience levels are very welcome to express interest – all you need is a willingness to help us with increasing our social media presence and help get CAFOD in the paper! So please get in touch.

Trailblazers : Brentwood school pupils line the playground with 20 pence pieces for CAFOD

Every year pupils from the Brentwood Ursuline Preparatory School save for months in advance to see which house can build the longest 20p trail.  Teaching Assistant, Claire O’Brien, cheerfully reveals the outcome of this yearly fundraising event.

On Monday 30th October, the children excitedly held their annual 20p coin trail to raise well needed funds for CAFOD.

St Patrick’s House, winners of this year’s 20p fundraising trail

The children had been saving their coins for a few months in anticipation of this very popular fundraising event.

The school is divided up into four houses and each house took it in turn to place their 20p along the length of the playground with Year 6 adding the final touches with their coins.


Year 6 add the finishing touches

St Patrick’s were delighted that their line covered the whole length of the playground with St Andrew’s, St David’s and St George’s not far behind.

St Patrick’s House joyfully received the winners trophy and are already looking forward to the opportunity of winning again next year.

Mrs Wilson the headmistress was overwhelmed at the generosity of both the parents and children as they raised £1,000 for CAFOD’s Harvest appeal.


Seeds and food for thought this Harvest Fast Day

Today is Harvest Fast Day and across the country families, individuals, parishes and schools will be standing in solidarity with people such as Edelmira (below) and her family in her community in El Salvador which is the focus of this year’s Fast Day appeal.

El Salvador was of course also the home of Blessed Oscar Romero, who is still held with deep reverence by Salvadoreans and many millions of others across the world. The prayer attributed to Oscar Romero, ‘A step along the way’ reminds us of the importance to allow space for God’s grace in our work and in our lives:

We provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capabilities.

it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for the Lord’s grace to enter and do the rest.

We may never see the end results, but we are workers, not master builders, ministers, not messiahs.

Grace and abundance are two themes closely connected to CAFOD’s approach to Harvest. Drawing on the story of the wedding at Cana, CAFOD’s theological adviser, Fr Augusto Zampini Davies describes how an appreciation of the significance of harvest is enriched by an understanding of ideas of grace and abundance:

“In ancient biblical times, harvest was a feast connected with God’s abundant gift. As citizens of our modern world, detached from actual food production, we can misinterpret the importance of those feasts.  But we are still familiar with wedding feasts.   The celebration of a good harvest, whose first products were offered to God, could be compared to a good wedding feast, in which wine, food and gifts are offered to the invitees.  In both celebrations, when related to God, the centrality is abundance: of fruits, love and joy, an abundance that transforms all who partake in the feast, bolstering their capacity to live life to the full”.

So let us make room once more for God’s grace this Harvest, and as we fast and enjoy our Prayer cardsimple soup lunches, remember that in our work for CAFOD we are sowing the seeds for the great Harvest that is to come.

Thank you to all our volunteers for all you have done and are doing this Harvest Fast Day.